Portable Music Player Has Long Life Battery

Apple Computer has been threatened with lawsuits and harangued by weblogs for issues over the battery life and scratchablity of their iPods. All of which reinforces the notion that no matter how wealthy we might be, we're rarely happy. Someone may have a spare few hundred dollars lying around to purchase one of those hot music players, holding thousands of songs and playing hundreds on a single battery charge, all the while being small enough to fit in their shirt pocket. But still they're not satisfied. They want to go sue someone or harass them. How solipsist. In much of the world, recorded music is an outright luxury. (For example, the US Dept of Ag reports (pdf) that, in some African states, household expenditure on food is 71% of total income, yet in the US it's but 9%. So while this photo has been doing the email circuit under the caption of "Zimbabwean iPod?", we may wish to temper our chuckles with the understanding that, according to Nationmaster, 70% of Zimbabweans live below the poverty line, compared to 12% in the US. If nearly 3/4ths of what you earn is being spent to simply feed you, then owning a rig like this probably way surpasses that Bang and Olfsen sound system some 'westies' might covet. In his own realm, the gentleman pictured here, may be richer than us all.