Poor Energy Habits Slug Households $300 Million a Year


Am way behind with my posts, but let’s try to get back up to speed with this one. Earlier this month EnergyAustralia released the results of a survey they’d undertaken in the Australian state of New South Wales. Seems that collectively households in NSW are squandering about $300 million AUD annually, by not using energy wisely. And this was particularly true of those who could least afford the expense, like those on low incomes.

And it in’t just dollars that are being wasted, but about 2.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gases are being emitted annually as well, said to be equal to putting another 500,000 cars on the road each year.

According to the survey nearly 90% of all households rinsed their dishes before bunging them in the dishwasher. Some even rinsed in hot water. Well over a quarter of households ran dishwasher that weren’t full. A similar figure had a second fridge running that they rarely used. More stats and energy saving suggestions after the fold.Stats
Most operated their air conditioners on a too warm setting in winter. Almost 25% of all people surveyed left their fridge open when unloading shopping. Nearly half hadn’t bothered to activate their home computer’s energy saver settings and close to three quarters of households turn off their television with the remote rather that at the power switch, leaving it on standby mode to guzzle electricity.

The survey found that while almost 70% of people used a clothes line to dry clothes it was low income households that more often or not chose to use an electric close dryer. This was also the case with age. Older folk were more diligent in hanging up clothes for solar dry whereas young people surveyed chose the dryer. Yoof were found to leave the fridge open whilst making sandwiches or prepping their breakfast.

Energy Saving Tips
In their media release (link below) EnergyAustralia suggest that 10 easy steps could have households saving over $600 AUD per year. For example, point 6. suggests that reducing showers by 2 minutes will save $100 alone. Getting rid of that second fridge that’s doing nothing much at all in the garage would save another 200 bucks.

But what’s the chance that people will stop their whingeing about the price of petrol long enough to action these money-saving changes? EnergyAustralia is hoping that providing 280,000 sheets of reusable stickers (decals) of energy saving household tips will be enough to dampen down demand for their electricity. We wish them well.

:: Energy Australia Energy Saving Survey and Tips (PDF), via Sydney Morning Herald.

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