Plug Into Savings With USB Wall Outlets

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Attention all you tech mavens. If you're constantly running of out of space to power your computer, tablet, smart phone and a multitude of other USB charged devices, Current Werks is saying it has a solution to your problem. The company is introducing two energy-saving USB wall outlets that it says deliver big-time power and, in the case of one of the products, save money by cutting off standby power.

The Duo and the Quattro will be exhibited at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 10-13. The Duo looks like a regular wall outlet with two standard sockets, with the addition of two in-wall USB charging points. The USB plugs deliver 16 watts of output. The Duo supports 15-amp and 20-amp wall receptacles.

The Quattro design gets rid of the typical wall sockets altogether and replaces them with four USB charging ports. Together the ports deliver 22 watts of energy. The Quattro also has a door that can be closed to completely eliminate standby power (what's known as vampire power).

Pre-orders of both designs are being taken now at Current Werks, and the company says it will start shipping in January. The devices are priced at $39.98 for the Quattro and $24.98 for the Duo. Colors include white, almond and ivory.

Plug Into Savings With USB Wall Outlets
A smarter outlet design for charging up gadgets and zapping standby power consumption.

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