Plasma Display Coalition Says Big Screens Not That Bad

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We typically think big screen TVs are not the most energy efficient item a home could contain. However, the Plasma Display Coalition (PDC) points out that plasma TVs over 42" are not so bad, and are getting a whole lot better.

Our reaction: Um, okaaaay...?The PDC points out that the larger models can cost as little as $4 a month to operate, which, to me, still seems like a lot to pay to flip on the TV. But, to each their own. At any rate, the 2008 models of the giant TVs are between 15-20% more efficient than even 2007 models, and the industry is making leaps and bounds in making plasmas even more efficient, says Jim Palumbo, president of PDC.

While it's great to hear that plasmas are a bit more efficient relative to previous models, we have to take into account that the numbers are on the (often) unnecessarily large screens, that plasmas altogether are not great for the environment, and that the energy is not being consumed in an efficient way. They may be getting better, but they're not there yet...and may not ever be able to be fully green.

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