Pizza Cutter + Digital Camera="Twirl N' Take"


Oh, to be rid of the batteries that run out at the most inappropriate time, or to free from the grid needed for recharging. We have seen Sony cranked-up radios, and now Sony is displaying a cross between a camera and pizza-cutter that generates enough power to take a picture in fifteen seconds. They call it the "Twirl N' Take", traditional Japanese nomenclature that was introduced along with the "Crank N' Capture" video camera, which is charged by cranking a lever, and a "Spin N' Snap" camera, which has a hole to enable users to spin it with their finger. Perfect for all of us "Cut N' Paste" bloggers wanting to go off grid.


Engadget notes "To see your snaps, you have to connect the cam to a computer since the camera itself lacks a display. How analog of you Sony." ::Impress via ::HippyShopper

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