Pinwheel Concept Lights Up With Wind Power. So Why Is It Called Solarlight?

pinwheel concept image

Image via Yanko Design

It's called the Solarlight but it has nothing to do with sunlight. It actually generates electricity with wind power. The concept by designer Eon Tae Yoon is a way to teach children about sustainability for energy generation; specifically, how a bit of breeze can provide us with light. Yanko Design writes, "The Solarlight is a project aimed at bringing attention to the wonders of wind power and to the current degenerate state of unsustainable energy. Acrylic blades catch the wind and a small generator lights a tube."

solarlight concept image

Whether or not it works well, or is safe to have around toddlers as shown, well, that's speculation as usual.

solarlight kids photo

So the question of the day: Why is it called Solarlight? No one seems to know...

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