Personal Fuel Cell Offers Pocket-Sized Power from Water (Video)

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Image via Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

With off-grid charging for mobile devices set to be a $2.3 billion industry, it's no wonder that practically every company specializing in personal off-grid power is trying to shrink down their products to something purse-sized. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is known for their innovation in small scale power, showing off a desktop-sized fuel cell earlier in the year at the Consumer Electronics Show, but they're one-upping themselves with the latest device that fits in the palm of your hand. The MiniPak offers hydrogen power in a tiny package. The MiniPak is a palm-size universal portable power charger and power extender any gadget requiring 3W of power or less, so pretty much any cell phone, gaming device, GPS device, media player and other handhelds. It comes with two refillable cartridges that are compatible with the HydroFILL, that desktop-sized fuel cell we mentioned earlier. These "HydroSTIK" cartridges utilize a "solid-state" hydrogen storage unit, using a special metal alloy that allows hydrogen to be stored in a solid-state, as part of the metal alloy matrix inside the cartridge, making it safer than pressurized cartridges. Each HydroSTIK can store 15Wh of energy, enough for 2 to 3 charges of a 3G smartphone, or 4-6 charges for average cellphones. Here's a video from the company showing off their new device:

Additionally, Horizon states that the MiniPak is made of recycled plastics and other "green" materials. Plus, the cartridges don't contain mercury, cadmium or lead so are more eco-friendly to dispose of when they reach the end of their useful life.

TG Daily writes, "It's a bit of a stealth product, says founder and chief marketing officer Taras Wankewycz, as the company started developing its fuel cell technology for the toy market.

"At the moment, the device costs $99, but the company reckons it can get this down to just $29 once it ramps up production. Extra fuel cartridges will cost much the same as disposable alkaline batteries, it says."

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