Perpetual Walking Robot Powered By Its Own Weight (Video)

walking robotDigInfo via YouTube/Video screen capture

A new robot has been developed by the creative minds at Nagoya Institute of Technology’s Sano Lab that uses its own weight to keep going, going, going.

walking robotDigInfo via YouTube/Video screen capture

Designed to move like human legs, the all-mechanical robot needs no power source. It uses gravity and its own forward momentum. Basically, it just continually falls and catches itself, again and again. It can walk essentially forever in the right conditions. In fact, it has even earned a Guinness World Record when it walked for 13 straight hours and taking 100,000 steps.

walking robotDigInfo via YouTube/Video screen capture

Popular Science pointed us to the video from DigInfo on YouTube:

The design uses old knowledge to create a new robot that needs absolutely no electricity, computer chips or anything else to function. And, it has some great potential uses -- the design could be used for prosthetic limps or for walking devices for those who have difficulty with mobility. All it would take to get it moving is a bit of a push and a slight downhill grade.

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