The Perfect Green Tech Toy for Kids

This is a toy for the next generation of kids -- kids growing up with smart meters attached to homes with energy management systems always tracking how much renewable energy is coming in, and how much is being used. It's for kids that will think solar power is second nature, and renewable energy is so, like, duh.

Designed by Endrit Hanjo, Quad is a toy that has to be kept "alive" with renewable energy. It's like this generation's Tamagotchi.

Here's the description:

Quad is an interactive toy that uses solar and wind energy to sustain its life level. The child is responsible in keeping quad charged at all times for it to live. Quad uses bluetooth technology that synchronizes its solar and wind data to an online game. Here children can compete in who sustains their quad best by evolving into advancing game levels. The child can develop responsibility in a fun and competitive nature.

Okay, so it's not exactly cuddly. But neither were those Tamagotchi toys. And if this Quad design isn't training kids to be responsible and savvy about renewable energy and power consumption, I'm not sure what is. This concept design sounds fantastic. Now, to find a toy company eager to do something with the idea...

The Perfect Green Tech Toy for Kids
Designer Endrit Hajno has come up with a design for a toy that teaches kids how to not only generate, but monitor renewable energy.

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