Charge your laptop with Pedal Power, and burn calories while you work

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We have standing desks to improve our posture and circulation. We have treadmill desks to keep us a little more fit while typing away at our laptops. Pedal Power now wants us to have a workstation where we cycle not only to stay fit but also to power the device we're using for work.

This is not a new concept by any stretch, but the Pedal Power team have an enthusiasm behind bringing pedal power into our daily lives that can't be denied. "There are a billion bicycles in the world today -- nearly one in every home. One day, we hope to see every household charging phones, processing food, and pumping water with pedal power," states the team. And why not? If you can pedal, why not use that instead of electricity from the wall when you can? This work station is intended to be converted to any use -- not just for desk work on your laptop but for anything you might want to accomplish.

As this video shows, the design not only works for charging laptops but for many other devices, from air compressors to log splitters to blenders and butter churns:

Considering how much time I spend on a laptop, and how much time I spend outside walking and jogging to counter the ill effects of spending so much time on a laptop, I'd definitely consider bringing this thing into my home. Apparently I'm not alone -- Pedal Power has launched a Kickstarter campaign that is already half way to its funding goal after just a few days of going live.

Charge your laptop with Pedal Power, and burn calories while you work
This design for a pedal-powered workstation keeps your laptop charged and your heart rate up so you can be healthier while staying productive.

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