Peak Everything: Add Peak Data To The List


click image to enlarge. Credit: David J. Richardson

TreeHugger has covered Peak Oil, Peak Corn, Peak Water, even Peak Everything: More Things We Are Running Out Of" Peak Rock Music. Now Paul Kedrosky warns about Peak Data.

Kedrosky quotes a paper, Filling the Light Pipe by David Richardson (behind a pay wall):

Without radical innovation in our physical network infrastructure--that is, improvements in the key physical properties of transmission fibers and the optical amplifiers that we rely on to transmit data over long distances--we face what has been widely referred to as a "capacity crunch" that could severely constrain future Internet growth, as well as having social and political ramifications

TreeHugger Mike points out that people have worried about running out of internet capacity since the '80s, and TreeHugger Matt notes that it is not really an issue of running out of a finite resource like oil or water. They are both right, it is more like Peak Electricity, where investment in infrastructure has failed to keep up with demand. But America has been called "a superpower with a third-world electricity grid." Let's hope that doesn't happen to our internet too.

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