Paris Sets Up World's Largest Google Earth Display with 48 Screens

You might have a big monitor at home, and you can zoom in and out of Google Earth enjoying all its beautiful detail. But you definitely don't have a monitor this big!

Google's Lat Long blog tells us that the Paris Center for Architecture and Urbanism: Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal approached Google about making an interactive display using Google Earth that would show off Paris in 2020, complete with 3D buildings. Not just that, but they also wanted to show this Paris of the future across 40 square meters. Um, rad? We think so!

paris google earth imageYouTube/Video screen capture

The exhibition of "Paris a city in the making" moves through the origins of the area, the history of each municipality that is part of the metropolitan area, and then the future of the city. In other words, you get to see how one of the greatest cities in the world came to be, and how it will look in another decade.

Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal states, "Reconquer the riverbanks inside Paris, continue to build the city paying more attention to the faubourgs and post war Paris, build on new land, improve public transport and public areas, develop key architectures, building upwards... emphasis is placed on the contemporary era and the impact that the current changes will have on the every day lives of its 12,000,000 inhabitants."

google earth imageYouTube/Video screen capture

You are able to study an entire urban area -- one that can be the model for other urban areas designing for smart solutions for populated areas from public transportation to apartment buildings -- and you can do so across 48 massive screens. Incredible.

Google's blog states, "We believe this to be the largest screen showing Google Earth to date! What started as a 20% project to support the new Google Cultural Institute resulted in a stunning display of the Earth in almost 100M pixels - powered by 48 instances of Google Earth synchronized and operated through 4 multi-touch screens with pinch and zoom functionality. The view is even sharper due to a refresh of the entire Paris area with higher resolution imagery."

What is even better is that Google states they'll be open sourcing the work on Liquid Galaxy. You can download the file for this Paris of the future to run on Google Earth at home so you can explore.

Over the next few months we’ll be fully open sourcing this work on Liquid Galaxy, as well as the graphical interface.

Paris Sets Up World's Largest Google Earth Display with 48 Screens
This may be one of the most awesome ways to explore the earth with Google.

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