Our Low-Tech, Jury-Rigged Future

cable mess

Ah! Nothing smells like shift more than tips from the New York Times on how to fix your high-tech junk using low-tech solutions. Far from a downer, there's satisfaction to be had here: who hasn't had that gentle internal smile when their hand-slam stopped that crazy 'puterized whirring sound? In today's world, re-pair and fix-it is the name of the game - it's time to reestablish who boss-man is.

The list is a mixture of principle and witchcraft; while both methods work, some make sense and others nay. Examp - using a jar of rice to dry out your chatter after going into the crapper works because rice is a dessicant, but why wrapping your errant debit card in a plastic bag and reswiping works is beyond ken. From using mouthwash to clean dirty DVDs to freezing broken hard drives, every suggestion is a winner. Bravo, dead tree media, you did it again. NYT
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