Organic LED Displays (OLEDs)

Models showing Organic LED Displays (OLED)
Organic LEDs? Yes, they have made it to market in several devices now. OLEDs use a carbon-based designer molecule that emits light when an electric current passes through it. Conveniently, OLED displays can be produced in the same way an ink jet printer sprays ink onto a sheet of paper, making manufacturing cheap and simple.OLEDs can be printed onto flexible plastic. Sheets of them can be easily produced, opening new possibilities for product designers, from displays that roll up to ones that are woven onto clothing.

OLED do not need a backlight because they are self-luminous, so they are more energy efficient. Laptops with OLEDs would not require as heavy a battery.

The main benefit of new OLED screens is the bright, clear images they produce. OLED screens refresh faster, so they're better at displaying video.



:: More information: PC World

[by Justin Thomas]