Open Hardware Journal for Open Source Projects Launches First Issue

A new online journal called Open Hardware has launched its first issue. The journal is intended to be a resource for people to share physical or electronic projects as open source, releasing knowledge about how to make things to anyone who wants to learn. Lining right up with the Maker's Bill of Rights, the new journal is perfect for anyone with a DIY attitude, or who is interested in how things work, and the first issue doesn't disappoint.

The contents of the first issue include: Producing Lenses With 3D Printers; STEM Education through Open Hardware at MIT Sea Grant; An Open Hardware Platform for USB Firmware Updates and General USB Development; and of course a call out for the return to open devices.

On this last matter, Open Hardware states, "We are on the brink of a transformation in how physical devices are created and who creates them. The ability to create modern electronic devices is spreading from the hands of large-budget R&D groups of specialized engineers to communities made up simply of the people who want to be involved; engineers, artists, and other creative types. This transformation will ultimately produce the devices that people want and need, not what focus groups and corporations think is needed. And most importantly this change will transform us into a society of citizen-makers – a people with greater understanding of the things we make and that make us who we are."

I'm not sure how this journal will compete online as a downloadable journal, rather than an interactive website such as Instructables, for original projects, or iFixit, for manuals on fixing consumer electronics.

That said, the journal itself is really interesting, and simple in its layout. I've no doubt that as more makers learn about Open Hardware, each issue will be more and more packed with cool projects and, most likely, great op-ed about the maker community. That might be all it takes to keep it alive and kicking.

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Open Hardware Journal for Open Source Projects Launches First Issue
A new online journal keeps you in the know about open source and DIY goodies.

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