OnPlug: Cheap and Effective Stake Through The Heart of Vampire Power

onplug vampire power switch photo

OK, there is nothing new about power bars with a switch on them, except people rarely turn off the switch. And even if they have a switch, it may not have a light so it is not exactly in your face reminding you.

Enter the OnPlug. This seven dollar unit has a switch on the top and a bright blue LED on the bottom, so you know that it is on. We caught its launch at the Green Living Show in Toronto.

The Onplug from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

The inventor, Gerry Hefferman of St. John's, Newfoundland, explains how it works. I apologise for the terrible sound.


Of course it would be nice if switches were built into our homes in convenient locations so that we could easily turn these things off, but this is start. I also wonder why it does not have a grounded three-prong outlet on it; a lot of power supplies eating up phantom power are grounded. It is available through Amazon.ca; not yet available in the States. More at OnPlug.

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