Online Game Lets Players Test Out Effects of Technology On The Environment

Yesterday we learned that Sim City is planning a new edition of the game that will take into account environmental factors, like how traffic impacts air quality or how power plant choices affect pollution. Today we have another game taking on similar issues. Urbania is a project by Nikolas Rechtiene, who hopes to make this game a reality and help players understand the interconnectedness of technological choices and environmental realities.

"Urbania is a social game designed to allow users through gamification mechanics to play and actually discover the effects that future technologies, ecological concepts and sustainable energy have upon their virtual city. These are used then to build the most advanced, energy effective, beautiful and modern environmentally cleanest cities in the world. In this game you not only just manage a town - you must create the city of the future," writes Rechtiene on the Kickstarter funding page for the project.

Rechtiene is looking to raise $25,000 in the next 35 days to get Urbania off the ground. He states it will be the first social game where environmental issues play a leading role. Not only do your own actions as a player affect things like pollution levels or climate, but so do the actions of other players. Everyone is working together to figure out how to create a sustainable virtual world, and those lessons can be transferred to our reality.

"Every action and every building has an impact on the environment and population. You can install clean, efficient factories, organic farms, solar powered electric cars and use amazing technologies and fascinating products available today or close to becoming reality in the near future."

While the creator is looking for funding to start the project, he is already looking at ways to give back. Rechtiene states that a percentage of Urbania's monthly revenues will go to environmentally friendly foundations or projects the players decide to support.

"[Urbania can] show that with intelligent technology it is possible to make the world a better, cleaner and more enjoyable place. Urbania offers insights into science, ecology, and technology while you play. And like a seed is sown, these insights and experiences can grow from the game and spread to the life of players. If this game succeeds in raising the awareness for environmental issues and makes only one player changes his habits then this game has achieved a lot. Even a small change can make a big difference."

If you're interested in seeing this game take off, check out the Kickstarter funding page.

Online Game Lets Players Test Out Effects of Technology On The Environment
Urbania is a new try-it-and-see game for green-minded techies. Become the mayor of the town and see how your decisions around technology affect the environment.

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