1.75 million Raspberry Pi microcomputers have been sold

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Back in February, we shared with you the 20 best Raspberry Pi projects we found on the web and it quickly became an incredibly popular post on the site, proving the excitement around the $25 microcomputer. At that time, the microcomputer was celebrating its one year anniversary and were approaching the one million sold mark.

Already that was a huge accomplishment for the teeny computer that has ignited a maker revolution, with everything from DIY home automation to robots to weather balloons to beer taps being run with a Pi. Now, just a few months later, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that the one millionth device has been fully made in the UK (at first they were made in China) and 1.75 million units have been sold.

With this pace, the Pi is set to become the best selling British computer since the 1980s.

"I remember being told this was an unsaleable product," said founder Eben Upton to BBC News. "But we've already surpassed the sales of the BBC Micro - my childhood computer. There was a latent need for something like this."

Along with the obvious celebrating that the foundation is doing, they are also trying to move forward with their original intent, which is for the Pi to be a low cost educational tool for teaching computer programming to kids. The founders are refocusing their energy on outreach to schools to try to inspire more children to get into making things with computers, not just grown up tinkerers. Google recently donated 15,000 of the computers to UK schools as part of this initiative.

In the meantime, it will be fun seeing all the new projects out there with so many more Pis in the hands of potential inventors everywhere.

1.75 million Raspberry Pi microcomputers have been sold
And officially one million have been fully made in the UK.

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