OLED TVs — Are They Ever Going to Get Here?

sony oled tv photo

Sony's 11" OLED TVs on display. Photo via Ed Kohler

With so many people buying new TVs for the switch to digital, it’ll be awhile before a big chunk of the population really needs a new TV. That should provide us with a little patience when it comes to getting better TVs.

But in a flash of Generation Now spirit, we’re wondering where on Earth are our OLED TVs – the greener boob-tube option that seemed just over the horizon a year ago? Apparently there are a number of issues that stand in the way.The technology for excellent OLED screens is definitely here - for smaller versions. But scaling the screens up to TV size is proving sluggish.

This year at CEATEC, Sony showed off new super slim OLED TV that is a boost up from those they displayed at last year’s gathering. But the folks running the booth had lackluster feelings about seeing these on the market any time soon.

A Tech On writer went to CEATEC and reports:

In spite of all this, Panasonic and other manufacturers aiming to commercialize OLED TVs did not have any OELD-related exhibits. And I heard many of the display engineers I met at the show say, "I don't feel the same impact that I felt last year." I suppose such an impression stemmed from their disappointment that they could not see any progress toward larger OLED TV products this year.

Anyone else feel a bit deflated?

Standing in the way is a laundry list of problems – variations among driver devices, the notion that OLEDs won’t be able to outpace the quickly advancing improvements on LCD TVs and so won’t faire well as competition, and more.

It looks like the science behind OLED TVs is struggling, and their appearance at the party is questionable.

Via Tech On
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