OLED Screen with World's Longest Lifetime and Best Efficiency by TMDisplay

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OLED Screens are Coming
After spending about $140 million on production lines and unknown amounts of cash on R&D;, TMDislplay, a joint venture between Toshiba (60%) and Matsushita (40%), has announced that it has developed a 2.2 inch OLED display that is the most power efficient and longest lasting in the world. The company plans to commercialize it in 2.5 inch format in 2009, for cell phones and small electronics. Not doubt the technology will eventually make its way to bigger screens.

TMDisplay OLED Technical Details
Lifetime is 60,000 hours, compared to 30,000 hours for a Sony OLED TV. That's good because initially one of the drawbacks of OLED screen were their shorter lifespans compared to LCD. That's changing. Power consumption on TMDisplay's screen is 0.1 watts, so that's very efficient, especially compared to a LCD of the same size (because it requires a backlight). Another thing to keep an eye on is using micro-lenses on OLED.

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The joint development involved the TFT substrate design technology and element design technology of [Toshiba Matsushita Display] (TMD); development of materials by Idemitsu, including RGB light-emitting materials and peripheral materials which offer high-efficiency and low-power consumption; and joint evaluation of the optimum combination of materials by both parties. As a result, TMD and Idemitsu succeeded in achieving the world's highest level of performance for an organic EL display screen of 2.2-inch QVGA (240x320) format suitable for mobile equipment applications, with power consumption of 100 mW (based on typical movie screen images, defined by 30% brightness of a full-white screen) and luminosity half-life of 60K hours (based on a full-white screen at 200 cd/m2).

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