Old Nintendo Gaming Console Turned Into Nifty Alarm Clock

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Um, I don't know if this alarm clock could be any more awesome, unless that godawful buzzer sound were changed (alarm clock buzzers make me want to punch something). Instructables user arrmayr0227 came up with a fantastic re-use for a broken NES console and controller. The controller works to change the time on the alarm clock, and the console buttons set the alarm or turn it off. Talk about a creative use for old "junk" sitting around in a thrift store:

"So I built a funky alarm clock out of an old Nintendo console. Why? Because I was at Value Village with my friend and my sister, and while they were browsing through miles of clothing the only thing of interest I could find was a broken Nintendo unit with controllers, and I had to do something with them!

The controller is wired to allow you to change the time, pushing the power button sets the alarm, and the reset button serves as the snooze!"

Here it is at work:

The project was a fairly simple hack. The NES unit and alarm clock were gutted so that the alarm clock components could fit inside the controller. The speaker for the alarm was glued to the inside of the top where the air vents are located so that the sound could still be easily heard. The LED display was mounted in a black plastic faceplate cut from an old VHS case.

Then the Player 1 controller port was wired so that the alarm clock could be set with a rewired player paddle. The console's reset button was rewired to be the snooze, and the power button was rewired to be the off button for the alarm.

More detailed instructions for the hack, in case you'd like to copy it, are on Instructables. Hats off to this creative maker who turned e-waste into something novel and useful again. Well done!

Old Nintendo Gaming Console Turned Into Nifty Alarm Clock
A clever hack turns a junked NES console and an old alarm clock into a great geeky bedroom accessory.

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