Ode To A Nano- My Green Product of the Year 2005

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Five years ago I wrote about my new iPod Nano, the 1 ounce, 8 dram wonder that I called the green product of the year. I wrote that it "demonstrates that brilliant design can let us all live as well or better than we do now in less space, using fewer resources and with a smaller footprint. The Nano is an inspiration."

The consensus in the comments was "you can't be serious."

"The truth is that the iPod nano is not "green" at all. Rather, it is admired and loved by the sorts of people who like the idea of "green" products and they don't have the cajones to admit to liking so blatant a consumerist, materialistic product without a cover-story."

"the battery will die in 1-3 years, leaving behind a bit of lead and a dead iPod."

"What's not green is the shockingly fast new electronics go obsolete."

Well guess what? It is five years later and it still works and I am still using it.

Of course, much has changed in five years; 4 gig of memory isn't much. Sales of the iPod are down as it melds into the iPhone. The new nano makes mine look huge. But I remember the pile of MP3 players and portable CD players I went through before I got this thing, which has accompanied me on runs and rows for half a decade.

Five years ago I called the iPod green because it eliminated the physical intermediary and let me live with less stuff. Five years later I can say that the design and the product have stood the test of time.

I think that's green.

image credit: Lloyd Alter
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