Ode to a Nano- Green Product of the Year?

We got a nano as a present- we show it here on our WWII vintage scale, coming in at 1 ounce 8 drams, or 1/53rd the weight of the formerly state of the art technology it is sitting on. We will make the case here that it is the green product of 2005: 1) if you subscribe to the theory that living with less is the key to sustainability, then this is the extreme edition, we put our entire music collection into it. 2) We were not fond of the original iPod, too many complicated moving parts with those hard drives. This is solid state- it should last for years. 3) When we moved all of our CD's from jewel boxes to sleeves in binders we generated an entire garbage bag of plastic; imagine how much addtional waste this will save. The infrastructure that Apple has created lets you purchase the ultimate product (sound created by artists) without the physical intermediary. How efficient is that? 4) We repeat- it is tiny. We used to devote much of a bookcase to CD's, amplifiers and speakers- how much less real estate do we need when such an important part of our lives is made so small and efficient. 5) we have had MP3 players before, but this is so well designed, intuitive and beautiful that it blows them all away.

The Nano, like the Smart Car and other Treehugger discoveries (like the MiniHome) demonstrates that brilliant design can let us all live as well or better than we do now in less space, using fewer resources and with a smaller footprint. The Nano is an inspiration.

Question: what do you think is the green product of the year?