Obama Is Focused on Green Tech, But Gets Stuck with UnGreen Sectera Edge

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President Obama gets to keep his Blackberry for his own use, but he's required to use a super-secure version of a phone called the Sectera Edge for official chit chat. For a president putting such a focus on green technology, it's a bit disappointing to get stuck with a phone with zero exciting green features.

Nonetheless, it's a darn cool phone. Read on for details.

Super-Secure Features of Sectera Edge

The Sectera Edge is equipped with some pretty cool security features. The NSA approved phone uses "Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP), allowing secure phone calls to be made with existing SCIP compatible devices. It also implements High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor Interoperability Specification (HAIPE® IS) to provide secure connectivity with classified networks (including the TACLANE® family of network encryptors)."

It can handle about 60 hours of standby and 5 hours of talk time on a charge, though likely a little less than that. And considering how busy our new president will be, that means at least one recharge every day.

More details about its features can be found here.

A Few Suggestions For Greening the Sectera Edge

While the phone's security features are the main thing the security officials are concerned about, the president who touts an emphasis on green tech might appreciate a few green features. If we had a wish list, we'd add in to the Sectera Edge's features that at least the casing be made of recycled and recyclable materials, that the battery last a whole lot longer than just 5 hours, that it charge up with renewable energy like solar power - or maybe a kinetic charger during those official presidential morning jogs - and that it would be free from toxic e-waste chemicals. Bare minimum.

Well, it isn't the greenest gadget President Obama could start out with, so hopefully he'll put a greener foot forward when it comes to other technology sectors.

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