NYC to Require Rechargeable Battery Recycling

In October, we wrote about the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s (RBRC) Call2Recycle program. At the time, the program appeared to be an innovative, but still voluntary approach to address the growing concern over e-waste. However, as of December 1st, new legislation will require New Yorkers to recycle rechargeable batteries. The same law will also force retailers and manufacturers of rechargeable batteries to take back and recycle used batteries that are sold in New York City. Unlike traditional recyclables, the batteries will have to be dropped off at select locations. Thanks to the RBRC, drop-off spots include: Radio Shack, Circuit City, Cingular Wireless, Staples, and others. Of course we urge readers everywhere to recycle their used rechargeable batteries even if its not required by law. To find an RBRC location near you click here.