North America & Australia announce computer recycling programs

Following on from our earlier piece on electronic junk comes news that home and business users, from either side of the Pacific, now have more options for their old computers than just sending them to landfill. Down Under, Dell will take back desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, servers and even handhelds. For $36 AUD Dell will arrange collection of a computer/monitor combo, from users home or office, and deliver it to EPA licenced recycling facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. Lead will be recycled out of the glass in CRT monitors. In North America Ebay has just launched their Rethink Initiative, in concert with a heap of technology folk, the likes of ...... Apple, Gateway, HP and Intel. In brief, their website offers three ways to move that chunk of unwanted, dust-gathering, beige plastic taking space in the garage or attic. (1) Sell it on eBay (or use them to find someone who’ll take it as a trade-in). (2) Donate it to the Cristina Foundation, who send arrange recycling through orgs that have participants with special needs (or donate a portion of your eBay sale through Giving Works). Or (3) Recycle it using the lists of companies provided by Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) and Earth 911. And what’s the involvement of those big names? A one-stop shop of links to their own recycling efforts, for example, click on the Apple link to learn 'bout their Take Back program. Via ::eWire and a post on ::Greenleap. [by WM]

PS. In UK, you could try people like InterAct, who through their Bridges between World program, are into the recycling and supply of refurbished computer equipment to the Developing World, with the commendable ethos of "helping others to help themselves."