Nokia Unveils Eco Profiles of Every Device, and Bike-Powered Cell Phone Charger

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Nokia holds a proud ranking of one of the greenest tech companies around, applauded by everyone from Greenpeace to Dow Jones. The company has earned the accolades with tough standards fro green, and they've just released two green things we like: profiles of every new gadget they make that tell the user the envrionmental benefits and impacts of the device, and a bike powered cell phone charger (because you can never get enough of pedal-powered doo-dads).
According to Nokia, the new Eco Profiles is a handy quick-search database of every new gadget manufactured by the company. Each profile shows the device's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Nokia states, "Over the years, Nokia has committed to not creating a single, so-called green device but instead has sought to ensure that each handset is created with the environment in mind... Nokia has been providing eco declarations on all of its products since 2001, including basic information on the environmental attributes of the product covering material use, energy efficiency, packaging; disassembly and recycling... Eco profiles will include the environmental impact of phones throughout their lifecycle; from their manufacture, throughout their use and finally, their recycling. Within profiles there's also specific information on the environmental features of the device. New Eco profiles are already available for the recently launched X2, C3 and C6 products."

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As with all of these profiles, users need to read them with the understanding that the calculations can be rather subjective - after all, the company gets to pick the data they show and use to calculate the GHGs. Exactly how far down the supply chain does the company look when making calculations? What assumptions does it use for calculations? The questions can get nitty gritty and unfortunately the lifecycle assessment reports in these eco-profiles barely scratch the surface of what a truly green-minded consumer could and should know about the real impact of their device, such as the true embodied energy of the product and how long the device should be used to make the embodied energy worthwhile. As with others, including Apple's environmental impact report, the information is teasingly sparse.

However, it is a step towards transparency and in the world of electronics, those steps are important.

The company states that 100% of the materials in Nokia phones can be recovered and reused, so nothing has to go to waste as long as the user is willing to send it to a responsible recycler. And they are energy efficient, especially if you use....pedal power!

Nokia has unveiled a pedal-powered charger, The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit. It can be attached to any bike and the dynamo is powered by the front bicycle wheel. A cyclist has to go at least 4 mph, but according to Nokia, a 10-minute trek at 6 mph will produce enough juice for about 28 minutes of talk time. So, even if you're just jotting down to the grocery store, you'll easily be able to keep your cell phone battery topped off. The kit is only about $18 and will be available from Nokia by the end of 2010.

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