Nokia Entering Smart Home Scene with Mobile Phone Project

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The iPhone isn’t the only cell phone that will allow you to adjust your home’s power consumption. Nokia has entered the smart home scene and is working on providing a new option for controlling your smart home via your mobile phone.

Nokia’s Home Control Center is a Linux-based platform that will be compatable with Zigbee, Z-Wave and other smart home technologies so that users can easily access information about their home’s energy use, and make adjustments via their cell phone. According to Nokia, their system will allow third party developers to create solutions and services that can be added on to the smart home accessibility platform run by the company. That way, home owners hopefully won’t be limited to what appliances and devices they can control via their phone.

Here is how Nokia explains their solution:

Until now, solutions to home automation challenges have been sought through the development of better sensor networks. Although they are, of course, very important parts of new smart home solutions, no single sensor network technology can solve the challenges in this field.

Z-Wave, ZigBee, and KNX are all attempts to define a common command language for home networks. So far, there has not been a clear winner in the battle for the de facto standard of home networks. Hence, it can be assumed that a future home will use several different technologies.

The Nokia Home Control Center acts as a dictionary that translates different technological languages so that they can be presented in a unified user interface. Furthermore, the platform enables grouping different physical devices, even from different manufacturers, to be presented for the user in an easy-to-understand way.

Users will also have web, media and email server expansion options, and will be able to access info about their home energy use from anywhere, and can even do things like turn lights or heat on during the commute home from work.

More companies jumping on to the home automation market is good news for all of us folks who want to have a way to better understand and control our home energy use. The system will be launched next year, so we'll soon be able to see how advanced we can be in making our homes super efficient.

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