Nokia add Energy Saving Alerts

Nokia have released a new feature to alert users to unplug their phone from the charger once the battery is full. Nokia claim that it could save enough power to supply 85,000 homes, as phone chargers waste power when they remain plugged in.
The feature is being introduced with the Nokia 1200, 1208 and 1650, but the company plan to make it universal across the whole product range. This is a wonderful example of how technology needs to adapt to save power. It's not a simple case of making devices more efficient, but technology needs to alter behaviour. By providing gentle reminders and hints, technology can provide encouragement and steer people towards greener behaviour. If a device is sitting there, plugged in, wasting power, then it should alert it's owner. If a device sits inactive for a certain period of time, then it should shut itself down. :: Nokia See also :: Please unplug your phone charger now