Nissan and NEC To Make Lithium-Ion Batteries For Hybrids


Nissan and NEC announced today that they will form a joint venture to produce lithium-ion batteries to be used in hybrid and other electric cars. Lithium-ion batteries were once considered too unsafe for use in cars, but are now viewed as a key ingredient making hybrid and electric truly competitive with gasoline-powered cars. Lithium-ion batteries are both lighter and smaller than nickel-metal hydride batteries, which are used in almost all hybrid cars today. Nissan is losing its market share to Toyota and Honda, in the important U.S. market. If Nissan were to produce an breakthrough in lithium-ion battery technology, it could become competitive as a "green" vehicle maker. Still, the venture will have stiff competition from companies like A123Systems and EEStor. :: See also: Nissan to Develop Own Hybrid Technology and EEStor Ultra Capacitors: The Science Explained :: Via ZDNET and Inside Green Tech