NextWorth Buy Back Program Pays iPhone Owners Enough for 3G Upgrade

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Buy-back programs are becoming all the rage, thank goodness. The basic premise is that a person who wants to get rid of a gadget is able to sell it to a buy back program and get a little cash. They’re generally easier to deal with and more predictable than selling on ebay or craigslist, and definitely more profitable than just sending the gadget in for recycling. NextWorth, however, is taking buy back to a whole new level of appeal, providing the profit potential for some serious upgrades. Reselling Your Gadget is Getting Easier

NextWorth will take your clunker well-loved iPhone and give you enough cash to cover the cost of a new clunker 3G. How? Well, folks still want the first generation iPhone since the 3G is a clunker work in progress, so the value of an iPhone remains high. Rather than dealing with selling your old iPhone yourself, you now have the option to still get some serious value out of it.

Users can just hop on the website, type in model and condition of the phone, get an estimate, accept the estimate, get a box in the mail, send in the phone, and get a check in the mail within two weeks.

NextWorth takes iPhones in most any condition, though your buy back value will drop the more thrashed it is. Unless the device is beyond repair, they’ll refurbish it and resell it. If it’s too trashed, they recycle it. They'll also take back iPods, iTouch, and other i-ish products.

Buy-back Programs Growing

NextWorth isn’t the only buy back program out there if you’re interested in trading in a used gadget. For instance, TechForward offers a guaranteed price for a gadget when you’re ready to get rid of it, though you have to purchase the guarantee when you buy the product. Buy-back options are starting to get pretty popular, which means consumers get more for their product, products maintain longer lifetimes, and fewer electronics end up in landfills. Good news all around.

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