New Yorkers E-waste Le$$


Laptops, printers, iPods, cell phones, and other electronics are an integral part of the lives of many a busy citizen. These gadgets allow us an unprecedented amount of flexibility and mobility. But what happens when they break? Full of hazardous materials, toxins and heavy metals, machines that once were indispensable become potential toxic waste. Valuable resources in every scrapped product are being trashed in rising volumes worldwide. Unscrupulous treatment of e-scrap leads to serious environmental problems, especially in developing countries.

The coming week offers New Yorkers the opportunity to learn more about the e-waste problem and also a chance to recycle their once beloved but now defunct electronics.

Drop off your unwanted or broken electronics for recycling this Earth Day, April 22nd at Union Square North Plaza from 8am-2pm. Clothing and linens will be accepted as well. For more info on this event visit NYCWasteLe$$ or call 311.

On April 19th from 2:00pm - 5:00pm the United Nations University in partnership with HP, Dell and several other technology companies and UN agencies is hosting an event to introduce a new global public-private initiative “Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP)." Goals for StEP include, standardizing recycling processes globally, in order to harvest valuable components in electrical and electronic scrap, "e-scrap," extending the life of e-scrap products and markets for their reuse, and harmonizing world legislative and policy approaches to e-scrap. You can register for this event and others here.
:: United Nations University :: StEP :: NYCWasteLe$$