New Website Lets Green Geeks Say No to New Gadgets

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Finally, a website that sums up the connection between being a gadget geek, and being green. A new websites called Last Year's Model provides a resource for geeks to say why they're saying, "No!" to the newest models of gadgets.

We love cool gadgets as much as anybody else. We just want to be thoughtful about the stuff we've bought. Even the most cutting-edge, tech-savvy geeks in the world are choosing to hang on to their phones or their iPods that still work just fine.

And we love that a website has dedicated itself to encouraging people to hang on to what they have.

People who learn what I do for a living often say, "Oh, you must own a lot of cool gadgets," or "You must have the new such-n-such." And they often stare for a moment when I respond, "Nope, I don't." There's a common disconnect around the fact that you can geek out on gadgets and still be sustainable about it.

Personally, I own a laptop, a cell phone, and a digital camera (only because my cell phone camera is good, but not great). These three devices do everything I need and want, and a whole lot more. I don't even get around to using more than maybe half of the programs and capabilities they offer. And with proper care, they'll last a good long time. So there's no need to get the latest and greatest every few months anymore.

To be sustainable, we need to return to a culture in which we appreciate what we have, use it to its fullest and care for it so it lasts a long time. Luckily, this idea is getting some great exposure. We learned about Last Year's Model through a tweet from Kevin Rose, the founder of (who also leaked those Tesla photos we enjoyed last month). To get such exposure from a well linked-in person like Rose is great not only for the website itself, but for the idea behind it.

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