New Website Helps Companies Attain Their States' Recycling Requirements

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MRM's map of states they currently, or will soon serve with electronic recycling programs

Some of the best solutions are the most simple, such as putting important dates on a calendar in order to achieve goals. Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba teamed up to form Manufacturers Recycling Management, a company that manages electronics collection and recycling.

The company is now a year old and figures it is time to expand operations, so it has launched, a website that will assist electronics companies in the sixteen states that have recycling laws, many that are only starting up next year or in 2010. But their website isn't the only helping hand they lend.MRM Takes Over Grunt Work
To keep track of increasingly tough requirements and stay abreast of the green movement, companies can refer to MRM's website for a calendar timeline of important dates, reporting requirements, and so on specific to their state. MRM also provides a map with clickable states that take you to that state's website where requirements are listed. The website itself is the essence of simple. No frills, basic info. But that's not where the service stops.

MRM will actually do the work for the company too — preparing recycling plans, collection results reports, paying fees. It couldn't get much easier for an electronics company than to hand off this vital element of their business to a specialized helper.

Recycling Programs Work When Used
MRM already handles the needs of 20 manufacturers in its home state of Minnesota, which equates to their assisting to reclaim and recycle 10 million pounds of tossed electronics each year in Minnesota alone. It's frightening to think that one state can toss that many pounds of electronics each an every year — we can only shiver at what states like California and New York dump daily. To have MRM's program expand to 16 more states, with plans to expand even further, is great news for manufacturers, consumers, and mostly, our environment.

"While individual company programs are effective in servicing business customers and have played a role in moving the collection of consumer electronics forward, they cannot provide a viable, long-term comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by the electronics industry." — David A Thompson, MRM President

So true. To that end, MRM's website puts the easy answers in easy places. E-waste is a growing issue, but thankfully programs to keep toxic materials out of landfills — and out of the manufacturing process all together — are growing equally quickly to address it.

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