New Water Bottle Serves Up Purified Water in 60 Seconds with UV Light

CamelBak All Clear© CamelBak

The latest offering from a major player in the personal and outdoor hydration industry just upped the bar for portable water technology by combining water purification and storage in a single unit.

Most of us know CamelBak as an innovator in sports and outdoor water carriers, but their most recent product goes another big step beyond hydration, as the CamelBak All Clearâ„¢ isn't just a water bottle, it's a water purification device as well.

CamelBak All Clear bottle© CamelBak

The All Clear system consists of a .75 liter Tritan plastic bottle (BPA-free), which can be filled from any water source, and a cap containing a UV-C light and controller, capable of transforming that full bottle of potentially hazardous water into potable water in just 60 seconds, notes CNet.

How the All Clear water purifier works© CamelBak

"UV-C (Ultraviolet C) light destroys microbe DNA of all sizes including: bacteria, Protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), and water-borne viruses. Destroying the microbe DNA prevents reproduction. Without the capability of reproducing, the microbes are neutralized and rendered harmless." - CamelBak

The UV cap is powered by two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries (which can be charged with a USB cable), and are capable of running 80+ cycles of purification (one full bottle) on a full charge. That equates to 3 bottles per day for 26 straight days before the unit needs another charge, and the bulb itself is rated as lasting for 10,000 cycles.

Here's the scoop:

When combined with a pre-filter (also available from CamelBak), this little unit could really change the personal water purification game. The All Clear is currently priced at $99.

New Water Bottle Serves Up Purified Water in 60 Seconds with UV Light
A new water bottle from CamelBak uses UV-C light to effectively purify water in just 60 seconds.

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