New smartphone battery fully charges in 30 seconds, was inspired by nature

fast charging smartphone battery
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A new fast-charging battery for everyone's favorite gadget, the smartphone, can fully charge in 30 seconds flat. It was inspired by natural processes and the makers claim that the technology can make our smartphones more eco-friendly and could ultimate lead to a super-fast charging electric car.

Israeli nanotechnology company StoreDot Ltd unveiled its new battery tech yesterday at Microsoft's Think Next Symposium in Tel Aviv. The battery utilizes nano dots that originate naturally and self-assemble. Gizmag reports that these dots are, "chemically synthesized bio-organic peptide molecules that, thanks to their small size, improve electrode capacitance and electrolyte performance. The end result is batteries that can be fully charged in seconds rather than hours."

Other existing nano dot technologies are metal based, which makes them toxic, but StoreDot's nano dots can be made from many different bio-organic raw materials that are environmentally-friendly and abundant. Their ability to self assemble means that manufacturing will be cheaper and simpler.

StoreDot is currently seeking a patent on the technology, but the current tech has the approximate capacity of a smartphone battery at 2,000 mAh. In the future, the battery's electrode could be modified to sustain higher currents and be used (with several cells connected) to power electric cars.

Mass production of the smartphone batteries is expected in 2016.

See video of the 30-second charge below.

New smartphone battery fully charges in 30 seconds, was inspired by nature
The battery by StoreDot Ltd uses bio-organic raw materials in the groundbreaking technology.

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