New Rechargeable Battery Challenges Alkalines


Uniross, a rechargeable battery manufacturer, has released its range of "hybrid" Hybrio batteries in North America. (They will be fully available in late October). The Hybrio batteries mix the best of disposables batteries (fully-charged out of the box) with the best of rechargeable batteries (can be recharged), whilst keeping the price down, which is the main reason that people continue to buy environmentally damaging one-use batteries. Sanyo has a similar offering -- Eneloop -- which is another rechargeable which comes fully charged. A four-pack of fully charged Hybrios with a charger comes in at around £15, and each battery keeps 70% of its charge after a year, can cope with up to 500 charge cycles, and is protected by a three year limited warranty. The Worldwide Wildlife Fund recently let the company stick its logo on the packets. :: Hybrio via Ecogeek via Engadget