New Raspberry Pi Model B+ has upgrades, not more power

raspberry pi model b+
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The newest version of the beloved Raspberry Pi microcomputer, the Model B+, is a natural evolution from the Model B, with features that will likely excite its dedicated users. But don't expect any large changes. As the Raspberry Pi Foundation states, this isn't a Raspberry Pi 2, but it is the final upgraded version of the original model.

The new version doesn't have any greater processing power. It has the same application processor, runs the same software and has the same 512 MB of RAM as the Model B, but it does have lots of nice upgrades that make it more user-friendly and definitely expand what makers can do with this gadget and it still costs just $35.

For those who are disappointed, it's important to remember the purpose of the Raspberry Pi. The foundation has always wanted the Pi to be an education tool that schools, students and hobbyists can all afford and feel comfortable experimenting with and building on. It's supposed to be basic so that everyone can apply their own ideas to it. Whenever the Raspberry Pi 2 does eventually come out, we may see some more significant upgrades, but for now, there are some good things in the Model B+.

There are two major improvements. One is the addition of two more USB ports, making four total now, which means more USB devices can be used at the same time like mice, keyboards, Wi-Fi adapters and many other things. The other is a larger GPIO header that now features 40 pins instead of 26. This expands the hardware that can be used with it.

The other changes are a new micro SD socket, lower power consumption and better audio quality thanks to a low-noise power supply.

They've also rearranged things to make it all easier to use, so the measurements have changed slightly. If you get the latest model, you'll need a new case.

You can watch the Raspberry Pi Foundation's introduction to the Model B+ below.

B+ from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.

New Raspberry Pi Model B+ has upgrades, not more power
The Model B+ is an improvement on the Model B with some features that many people will be excited about.

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