New OLED Displays Use 40% Less Power


A new generation of super-thin, power-sipping displays is about to go to market. These displays use OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes), and will require 40% less power than their LCD equivalents. The displays not require backlighting (they glow on their own). They can also be twice as thin as LCD displays. Currently, Samsung Electronics and Kyocera are already using this technology for music players and mobile phones. Sony will soon be selling OLED in Japan as early as 2008: it showed off the screens at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. And Sony plans to sell small TVs using the OLED technology later this year.

OLED displays cost manufacturers 1.7 times more than LCDs, but as the technology advances, the prices will drop and it will be a strong competitor for LCDs.

Analysts reckon Apple's iPhone, which launched in the United States on Friday, may end up using more energy-efficient screens, such as OLED, given the short battery life of its pilot models with LCD screens.

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Via: News.Com and Green Options