The new Nokia 3310 will have a new Snake game and some welcome upgrades

new nokia 3310
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When Nokia announced back in February that it would be relaunching its iconic dumbphone, the 3310, the tech world got pretty excited as did all of the people who cherished their original version of the phone, some even still used it.

At the time, there weren't many details other than the fact that it would be unveiled in Europe that month, but now Nokia has released more details and some bloggers have gotten their hands on it, so we know more about what the return of the classic phone will look like.

Many people were worried that the re-release would mean the abandonment of all that made the original great -- indestructible design, long battery life, simple features -- but no need to fret, Nokia has definitely not turned the 3310 into a smartphone. The phone will still fit in your hand and resembles the original, it's just a little sleeker and now in more colors.

The new color screen is larger, but it isn't a touchscreen. You still navigate with push buttons and a physical keyboard. The phone now has a rear camera, but it won't be your choice for Instagram with just 2 megapixels. The phone runs the basic Nokia 30+ operating system and features call logs, contacts, a calculator and messages along with a calendar, a basic web browser, photos, radio, music player, voice recorder and a camera application. And yes, there is Snake, now in full color.

The phone is only 2.5G compatible, so you won't be doing much internet browsing, but it's good to have the option when needed. There is no WiFi, but there is Bluetooth. There is only 16 MB of storage, but you can insert a MicroSD card for up to another 32 GB.

The original 3310 was known for its battery life and, amazingly, Nokia has actually improved on that for this iteration. The new 3310 will have 22 hours of talk time and can last an entire month on standby. It can be charged with standard microUSB charger.

The phone will cost around $50 in all markets. It's reported to go on sale in mid-June in the UK and is already listed on the Clove website. You can sign up on the Nokia website to hear when the phone is released where you live.

The new Nokia 3310 will have a new Snake game and some welcome upgrades
But the classic phone will still have a small price tag.

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