New NETGEAR Routers Help Battle Phantom Power

netgear wnr2000 router photo

Photo Credit: NETGEAR

This week, NETGEAR let loose the WNR2000 router and DSL modem-equipped DGN2000, both more efficient routers that come complete with Energy Star-rated power supplies and dedicated on-off switches. But, do small measures like this even matter when it comes to energy savings?While the change may be small, little things like this rapidly add up on a home’s energy bill when a whole lot of devices are all in use. Energy star-rated power adaptors can be as much as 30% more efficient. And turning off an electrical item when not in use (or better yet, unplugging it) can make a big difference on cutting down phantom power.

We often don’t realize how much power we use just by surfing the internet thanks to all our devices. Little measures like this make a difference. Even better, the slightly more energy-efficient routers don’t give up performance – they’re essentially the same as previous models, supporting 2.4GHz band, plus four ethernet ports for wired connection. They run $89 for WNR2000, and $119 for the DGN2000.

Additionally, NETGEAR’s new routers are packaged in 80% recycled material. Every little bit…

Via Electronista
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