New Line of Highly Efficient Air Conditioners Know Where You Sleep


Mitsubishi is releasing a new line of air conditioners called the ZW series. These new wall mounted AC units have a few innovations that could have them using up to 50% less power than today's average air conditioner. The first (and less interesting) innovation, is a self cleaning air filter. Every home owner should know that keeping an ACs air filter clean can keep your energy costs down. Well, the ZW series compensates for both forgetfulness and laziness by cleaning itself frequently.

But the real innovation here is addition of the "Human Sensor Move Eye" (quoting a Mitsubishi press release,) which tracks the location and habits of the living things it encounters, and conditions the air accordingly. It can point itself directly at any hot object, cooling it down, it will also automatically go into power-save mode when all living things leave the room. The unit can track and condition air for one or two people in any given room and isn't fooled by non-moving heat sources, like kitchen appliances. It will, however blow air on pets as well as people.Even creepier, the the unit will log the activities of moving heat sources and adjust accordingly. For example, if it registers a heat source every week day at five o'clock for a couple of weeks, it will start blowing at around 4:30, every weekday, of its own accord, in order to most effectively please its master.

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