New iPhones break more easily than iPhone 5

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When the new iPhones were announced, one of my first thoughts was whether they were more or less rugged than the previous generations, especially since a study came out last year saying that Americans have spent over $6 billion on broken iPhones. So far, the smartphones have tended to improve in durability with each iteration, but in a round of testing by SquareTrade, a gadget protection plan provider, the iPhone 5C and 5S both received worse grades than the iPhone 5.

Over the past few years, SquareTrade has put top-selling smartphones through a series of tests like dropping from five feet and submerging in water for 10 seconds. In addition to those tests, eight different factors are used in calculate the phone's durability like materials used for the front and back, weight and size. The phones are then given a score from one to ten, with a higher score meaning the phone is more likely to break.

This year, the iPhone 5S received a score of 5.5 and the iPhone 5C received a score of 6. Last year, the iPhone 5 scored an even 5. The worst phone for durability was the Samsung Galaxy S4, which got a score of 7, while the best scoring phone was the Google Moto X with a score of 4.5.

"We were expecting that at least one of the new iPhone models would up its game, but surprisingly, it was the Moto X that proved most forgiving of accidents," said Ty Shay, chief marketing officer at SquareTrade.

Of course, when it comes to falls, your best bet is to get a case or bumper for whatever smartphone you're using. They're cheap and they'll protect your phone from your clumsiness and keep another broken iPhone from becoming e-waste.

New iPhones break more easily than iPhone 5
When put through durability tests, the iPhone 5C and 5S scored worse than last year's model.

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