iPad Case Made with Human Power, Is Plastic-Free

Okay, so you have a new iPad and want to protect it. You've checked out our post on great DIY iPad covers and just feel like making one yourself isn't your thing. So what's the next green-yet-stylish option? Turns out, it could be this cover from Gone Studio.

The Greensleeve is made of felt wool -- none of that plastic junk so many cases cover. But that also limits who uses it since those with wool allergies might steer well clear of this sleeve, no matter how pretty or green it might be.

You might be wondering if this is really a greener product since it uses wool, which comes from sheep, which have a carbon footprint and can have a hard impact on the land if not managed correctly. I called in to the studio to ask questions about the sourcing of the wool (it is imported from Germany but we're interested in why wool from Germany, versus say, New Zealand and if the wool is from environmentally conscious ranchers) but I haven't heard back quite yet. However, two great points about using wool over any other material is that wool is naturally water resistant, with the oils in the fibers allowing a great deal of water to roll off before starting to absorb the water, and it can soak up as much as 1/3 its weight in water before feeling damp. That means great protection from wet weather or spills for your iPad, without having to use chemicals or plastics.

(UPDATE: I just spoke with Dr. George Elvin of Gone Studio, who was glad to talk about his trouble with sourcing wool felt. He noted that he is on a constant search for eco-friendly wool felt. However, there are few sources of mulesing-free and organic wool for yarn, and none that he has found so far for felt. He sources the wool from Germany because that is where he has found the best quality of felt, but noted that he is daily looking for eco-friendly options. So this is where you can help make this product even better -- if you have leads for organic and mulesing-free felt suppliers, send your input to Gone Studio.)

“Almost all iPad cases on the market use some form of plastic, but with the increase in petroleum issues over the last several years, we wanted to develop a practical, stylish iPad case that consumers felt good about using," says Elvin, as noted on Discovery News.

It is also made with human power, and not electricity. Elvin makes the sleeves with a 1935 Singer foot-powered sewing machine. Everything in the studio is hand- or foot-powered. Additionally, the studio recycles or reuses all the materials from manufacturing, not allowing anything to go to the landfill.

Considering the work and thought that goes into this design, the $29.90 price tag is quite reasonable, especially if it keeps your tech safe and protected.

iPad Case Made with Human Power, Is Plastic-Free
New iPad Case is Plastic-Free, Made with Human Power

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