New GreenHeart Phones Ditch Manual! ...That's It??


Photos via Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has announced a new version of two GreenHeart mobile phones. But the green upgrades are some of the most mundane "improvements" we could have dreamed up. We were somewhat enamored with the GreenHeart when the concept came out. But now that the two phone models, one of which will hit the US, have been announced, we're a bit less than impressed.

We've come to expect a lot more from an electronics company when it comes to greening their electronics. We know that these companies like Sony Ericsson have the brawn behind them to get some serious work done on creating some cool eco-friendly gadgets. But they just aren't living up to it. Part of this could be because green phones are still a niche product, but it could be that they're still a niche product because companies aren't doing much to make all phones really green.

The GreenHeart phones have green features that include putting the manuals on the phones so that paper manuals are eliminated, making the packaging smaller, using recycled plastics for the casing and some other plastic parts, and low-power chargers. Oh, and they'll have a "continued roll out" of their recycling program.

Yes, these are great features. But they should be standard on all gadgets by now. A "new green phone" should have some far more significant features than this. It feels more like the greenwashed Renew by Motorola than something really green at heart.

The GreenHeart initiative is part of Sony Ericsson's push to lower their carbon footprint. And yes, these measures most certainly help them accomplish it and earn great green cred. We definitely thank the company for going this far. We just think that if they're going to make a green product, they need to go a lot farther.

At any rate, the phone to be released in the US is the Naite. A solid review is available at Electricpig. Loads of specs can be found at Sony Ericsson.

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