New EcoView Monitor Slips to Sleep When It Can't See You

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Image via Eizo

Ezio Nanao has added a new feature into its FlexScan monitor line, called "EcoView Sense." Basically, it's a feature that slips it into sleep mode quickly. But it's not just when there's no activity on the screen... Nope. This monitor knows when you're there, or when you've up and walked off. The monitor uses motion detectors to figure out if a person is sitting in front of it or not, and if it doesn't detect anyone for 40 seconds, it slips into sleep mode, resuming again when you come back to the desk.

It's a good power efficiency feature to have on top of your power-saving settings like sending it into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The monitor is eco-friendly in other ways, getting TCO Displays 5.0 Certification and purportedlyEPEAT Gold Certification (but they don't show up on an EPEAT search, so maybe that part is still in process...). Plus, it has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the display's brightness according to the amount of light in the room. It'll even tell you exactly how energy efficient your settings are, so that you'll be more prone to saving energy. According to Eizo, the monitor uses 42% less power with Auto EcoView turned on, and has zero watt power consumption when the monitor is turned off.

Pretty darn cool. You can check out more eco-friendly features via Eizo's product profile.

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