New Devices to Eliminate Phantom Power Losses

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Digital Home Thoughts recently posted several reviews on new devices aimed at eliminating phantom power losses. (Phantom power, you may remember, is the electricity you're paying for from all of the appliances plugged in but turned "off.") The Bye Bye Standby and the SmartHomeUSA's Smart Strip Power Strip offer a meet-in-the-middle-solution for folks interested in going green but frankly don't want a bunch of extension cords everywhere and are not ready to plug and unplug appliances every 5 minutes.How does the Bye Bye Standby manage to say goodbye to pesky phantom power? Well, it adds a remote to your power strip, that way instead of turning your tv off with a remote, you turn the unit off with the power-strip remote. Phantom Power eliminated. Don't worry about having a stack of remotes on the arms of your couch - each remote controls up to 12 outlets at a time. For the longer review on the Bye Bye Standy, check out the rest of the Digital Home Thoughts review.

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What makes the Smart Strip a smart option? Well, it monitors when your appliances are in use and powers them down, i.e. your computer, when not in use. Ideally you plug your computer in the main outlet and put all trivial appliances in the secondary outlets on the strip and the when the computer is not in use, then neither are the other appliances. You can also fine-tune this with a small dial to make sure that the strip is set at your desired level of sensitivity. SmartHome estimates the strip will pay for itself in energy savings alone within 6 months, depending on your usage. For more on the Smart Strip, see the review on Digital Home Thoughts.

Digital Home Thoughts also used a Kill-A-Watt meter during their product test to determine whether the two power strips actually eliminate the power as advertised.

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