New Computer Mouse Ditches the Battery

Sure, that wireless computer mouse of yours is a handy way to navigate the web on your laptop without giving yourself carpal tunnel. But the battery it is uses, sadly, isn't doing anything good for the environment. Enter Genius's new DX-ECO, believed to be the world's first battery-free wireless mouse.

Inhabitat reports that this model does away with wasteful AAAs and those heavier lithium-ions with an electric double-layer ultracapacitor that requires no more than a quick, three-minute charge each day to keep you scrolling and clicking to your heart's content. The device is good for 100,000 charges.

The mouse features a bi-directional 2.4GHz connection that creates a long leash for you and your mousing activities -- letting you work up to 15 meters (around 50 feet) away from your computer (in case, perhaps, you'd like to navigate your desktop from across the room). An anti-interference mechanism helps to ensure uninterrupted functionality and smoothness, regardless of whoever may be working around you at the coffee shop, using whatever other wireless mouse.

The mouse offers four hot keys: Previous/Next Page, Flying Scroll and dpi adjust between 800 and 1600 dpi. You get "flying scroll" to "hyper scroll" document browsing, plus versatility, as Genius says that this peripheral works without a hitch on such typically problematic surfaces as dusted glass, marble, carept, and even the sofa. So lounge away, mouse users.

An ergonomic design featuring a rubber comfort device on the thumb grip helps to ensure that you won't wear out your digits for more important pursuits -- such as, you know, video games -- and the mouse's super mini receiver makes storage easy while preventing breakage. The DX-ECO is part of the Genius BlueEye DX-ECO family of products and is available for $39.99.

New Computer Mouse Ditches the Battery
The world's first battery-free wireless mouse uses an ultracapacitor that needs just three minutes to get a full charge.

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