New ASUS T91 Netbook Battery is Non-Removable, Shows Bad Form for Gadgets

ASUS irreplaceable batter photo
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JKKMobile has gotten ahold of one of the new ASUS Eee T91 netbooks. Netbooks are all the rage right now (despite a first quarter drop in sales that also hit laptops), showing that people are hunting for small, cheap, and easy to use computers for on the go. But that doesn't mean netbooks should get into some of the bad habits some larger laptops having a non-removable battery. What is really annoying about a non-removable battery is the fact that when it wears out, users have to go to a service center and shell out a fair amount of money to have it replaced, rather than just doing it themselves (which is of course possible, but likely voids any warranty). Problem is that by that time, users often would rather just buy a new netbook or laptop anyway, rather than spend the money on a new battery. Basically, it inadvertently encourages e-waste and consumption.

Not to mention the fact that it'd be nice to be able to have the option of swapping out a dying battery with a fully charged one without having to plug in. It makes the notion of using a solar charger that much easier and plausible.

Apple gets away, sort of, with this non-removable battery dirty business. But not without complaints. And that's what ASUS is getting for this move as well. Not a good sustainable design feature at all. And after all that hard work the company has done for eco-certification...

Via Boing Boing
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