New app displays air pollution data for 1000 cities worldwide, offers personalized alerts

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Get the latest data on the air quality index, including ozone, NO2, and particle pollution, as well as meteorological data, for major cities around the world with this app.

For those sensitive to air pollution and poor air quality, such as allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as athletes concerned about the air quality when they train outside, the Allairgoo app can offer a helping hand.

If going outside during periods of poor air quality can set off your asthma or allergies, knowing what the conditions are before you leave the house might help you avoid some unpleasant, and possibly dangerous, health effects. And even if you're not one of the millions who suffer from these maladies, but you still want to avoid high levels of air pollution due to its long-term health impacts, having a way to get that data in a quick and simple manner could be a boon to your daily life.

The Allairgoo app, which was originally the focus of an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign last year (raising only about 10% of its goal), is now available as both a free version and a paid version for iOS.

The free version offers air quality data and air pollution levels for the user's location (or the closest location, if it's not one of the 1000 cities covered by the app), while the paid version (11.99€ for Europe, $11.99 for the US , or £ 8.99 for the UK, per year) can send personalized alerts when certain air quality indicators go above a certain threshold.

Here's the original crowdfunding video:

For those whose cities aren't listed in the app, as well as those who want more precise data about their location, Allairgoo is also working on an Arduino-based sensor system, dubbed the "ZlikaBox", which can measure indoor air quality, including VOCs, ozone, NO2, temperature, humidity, and particle pollution, and send the data to the app.

More information about this air pollution app can be found at the website, and the app can be downloaded at the iTunes Appstore.

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